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Weierstrass points on the Drinfeld modular curve \(\boldsymbol {X_{0}(\mathfrak {p})}\)

Research in the Mathematical Sciences20152:10

  • Received: 30 September 2014
  • Accepted: 12 April 2015
  • Published:


Consider the Drinfeld modular curve \(X_{0}(\mathfrak {p})\) for a prime ideal of \(\mathbb {F}_{q}[T]\). It was previously known that if j is the j-invariant of a Weierstrass point of \(X_{0}(\mathfrak {p})\), then the reduction of j modulo is a supersingular j-invariant. In this paper, we show the converse: Every supersingular j-invariant is the reduction modulo of the j-invariant of a Weierstrass point of \(X_{0}(\mathfrak {p})\).


  • Modular Form
  • Congruence Subgroup
  • Weierstrass Point
  • Canonical Divisor
  • Drinfeld Module